Man Divorces Wife After Seeing Her Cheating On Google Street View


A man from Peruvia recently filed for divorce after he accidentally discovered his wife’s infidelity on Google Street View.


He was looking up directions to a popular bridge, Bridge of Sighs, in Barranco, in Lima using Google Street View when he came across a still silhouette of a woman, sitting on a bench with a man’s head in her lap. Although the face of the curly-haired woman sitting on a bench was blurred, the figured out that the clothes the woman was wearing were the same as his wife’s along with the curly hair.

Man divorces wife after seeing her cheating on Google Street View

The unnamed man posted these screenshots from Google Street View as proof of his wife’s infidelity on facebook which quickly got viral and got a range of reactions from people. The images and the romantic context to them in the backdrop of the Lima bridge which is considered one the most romantic places in Lima left no choice for his wife but to accept her infidelity.

Google Street View footage accidentally revealing couples’ infidelity is not a new occurrence and similar incidents have happened several times in the past.


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