Man Busted After Trying To Buy Chemical Weapons Using Bitcoin

Another threat posed by the dark web was responded to on time, thanks to the police force’s quick response.

Jason Siesser, a man from Missouri, was attempting to buy a lethal chemical weapon on the dark web using bitcoins. Upon his second try to make the purchase, police dropped a mock package at his house, which the guy was anxiously waiting for.

Upon confirming the suspect, police then raided his house and found other deadly substances that combined can make some serious weapons for mass killings. The 48-year-old man was arrested; however, the incident revealed how well connected the dark web networks and payments through bitcoin are, allowing people to make illegal purchases with convenience and with less than no chances to get caught.

The 48-year-old man made his first attempt to buy the weapon in July 2018, but the order never finished. While requesting the deadly chemical substance for the second time, he stated, “I plan to use it soon after I receive it,” as per a report from the Department of Justice. Later, the 48-year-old man ordered some more stuff on the dark web.

Police faked a parcel to his house and raided it to find out toxins such as cadmium arsenic, cadmium metal, and hydraulic acid, all harmful chemical substances. The police department kept it secret if they had contacts with the seller or if it was a fake advertisement to start with. There are also probable chances that they intercepted the deal.


These growing back-door and secret crypto deals are a serious threat. And these illegal deals are taking place on the dark web more now than ever before. However, this incident revealed how simple it is to make online orders on the dark web using crypto-currency. To get delivered with the stuff that potentially can kill many in a fraction of time.

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