Man Arrested For Driving Damaged Car In UK While Sitting on Metal Bucket And Steering With Pliers

battered car driven with pliers and bucket seat

A man in Norfolk, England has set up an example to show that you don’t need a steering wheel to drive a car. He was caught by police while driving a damaged car by using a metal bucket as a car seat and pliers for steering. What caught the attention of police patrolling the streets of King’s Lynn in Norfork was the state of this car. It had no front wing, bumper or headlights. Above all this, it also had a flat tire. By the looks of it, it wasn’t a roadworthy vehicle, but this was nothing as compared to what was hidden inside.

battered car driven with pliers and bucket seat battered car driven with pliers and bucket seat battered car driven with pliers and bucket seat

The driver of the car was sitting on an upside-down metal bucket and was steering the wheel using a pair of metal pliers. There was no RPM meter or speedometer. In fact, there was barely any dashboard inside the car. The policemen who stopped the car were shocked themselves by the condition of the car. They have not mentioned which charges were applied to arrest the man. However, they did say that there were “too many offenses to mention.”

Norfolk police tweeted the photos of the car in its shocking state, and they soon went viral and attracted several comments on the post. One person said that the vehicle “gives a whole new meaning to the word bucket seat” another one called it “ingeniously unbelievable.” Jon Parker, an officer from Norfolk Police, called the vehicle “the most un-roadworthy car I’ve ever seen.”


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