Malaysian Woman Gets Severely Burned While Using Mobile Phone At Gas Station

Malaysian woman gets deep burns while using mobile

So apparently, people just can’t avoid using mobile phones all the time and pay the price for it. Hundreds of thousands of accidents are caused each year due to negligence on the part of the driver due to smartphone usage and no matter how much people campaign about its awareness, they continue to keep on happening. A Malaysian woman recently was involved is a similar incident when she was using her phone while refueling her car. The ensuing explosion left her with sixty percent burns and possibly fighting for her very own life in a burn unit for several weeks since it is a long way towards recovery.

Malaysian woman gets deep burns while using mobile2

Eyewitnesses of the explosion said that they saw a woman busy on her phone at a gas station in Taman Setapak Indah, Malaysia around midday, June 28. People didn’t realize anything was wrong until smoke began to rise from the car and gas station people rushed to the vehicle to help her. They found her slumped inside the car and unconscious with severe burns all over her body. She was immediately rushed to the hospital and the next few weeks will be crucial in her recovery from these burns. 

Malaysian woman gets deep burns while using mobile3

It was later learned that she had placed the nozzle in the receptacle, and she was engaged on the phones at the same time. There was a small internal explosion, but no fire resulted afterwards. It was a unanimous agreement that she had been careless with the fuel nozzle because of her preoccupation with the phone. I hope people realize this mistake and try to avoid the situation in the future.

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