Watch The Painstaking Process Of Making Prescription Glasses

Eyeglasses from scratch

Your pair of prescription glasses is your daily companion that stays with you not only in your academic routine but also at the entertainment centers. They are one of your most loyal buddies on whom you can rely. We know how important they are to you, but they would seem even more precious when you watch this How to Make Everything’s video which shows the painstaking complexities in manufacturing these glasses. It will surely make you admire the people who designed this process, along with those who work on it every day to keep you from squinting your way through a blurry life.

Firstly, the raw materials like sand, limestone, potash hardwood ashes are melted down in a fiery kiln. The sand is filtered out and treated; otherwise, the glass ends up unclear and unfit for the prescription. But in all of this brute force, the manufacturers also have to take care of the shape of the lenses along with the right focal length so that they can fit in your correct prescription. This goal is achieved via rigorous polishing, laser pointing, grinding, repeated measurement and a whole lot of guess-work.

When glasses are finally ground to the right curvature, and prescription; frames are then created using tree bark and stems (which of course was a personal choice of the video blogger).

Watch the video below to witness the amazing process yourself!

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  1. Jim Smith Reply

    BS. Almost all lenses made today are plastic, not glass. The process is far different than you describe.

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