Make Your Wooden Table Glow In The Dark With This Simple Trick


It is no magic. With a little effort on your furniture, you can make it glow in the dark. Just imagine, a glowing table can actually be a great help when it is completely dark and you are at a risk of tripping over and falling down. They can also add a lot to the overall ambience of the room. It is also a great idea for people who do not like entirely dark places , yet can not sleep in light too.

Through the following simple steps, you can also build a table like this for you living room .

Start off with simple wood planks. The wood shown below is the black  walnut wood that has been in a storage for 40 years.


By working out on the edges, you can give it a more finished overall look. Basically, some milling down would be required.


Epoxy and orange glow-in-dark powder was used to fill in the gaps from removed knots and cracks.


In order to achieve precision, one must tape the holes and cracks.


You can always remove the raisins by using a hand planer


The next step would be to attach apron and legs to the table.


And..tadaa! Here is the product. The ready to glow table.


The gaps from  where the raisins were removed actually glows
in the dark.



So when it is complete dark, you would observe glittery orange parts of the table which are glowing, and it looks really amazing. By following some simple steps, you can easily achieve this effect.


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