Make Your Roads And Pathways Glow At Night Using This New Spray

Pro-Teq 3

It is becoming a big debate when it comes to preserving energy and finding means of making use of renewable sources of energy. Scientists are working tirelessly to bring better and more enhanced energy alternatives to the world.
Pro-Teq 6Part of the same effort a UK company by the name of Pro-Teq has come up with an idea to save up electricity and has proposed an alternative to street lamps.

Pro-Teq 5The idea is to coat the road with a special kind of coating which absorbs UV light in the day and emits it at night, hence lighting up the road and removing the need for street lamp completely. The coating is water-resistant and is a spray on type available in different colors; blue, red, gold and green.

Pro-Teq 4The method employed is a simple one; the coating is sprayed onto the existing surface followed by the application of an aggregate material. This starry spray will light up the roads with a glowing colour

Pro-Teq 2 Pro-TeqPro-Teq is hopeful that this idea will catch on and until a better alternative is made available, this method will suffice for the lighting needed on roads at night. Feasible or not, the end result sure looks marvelous to say the least!

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