Make Your Phone Scratch-Less Again With These 8 Secret Tricks


This was not much of a problem with older phones but with Smartphones taking over the industry and increasing in size, the problem is becoming quite a common one. The screen takes damage and scratches appear on it. These scratches hinder phone usage and reduce your phone experience.FEatured Image Instead of buying a new phone or going to a profession repair person, there are a number of quick fixes that can be employed at home to remove these scratches. Check out these 8 remedies below!

8. Brasso, Silvo or other polishes8. Brasso, Silvo or other polishes

This one is quite risky and should be used at your own risk. Pour the polish into a bowl and dip a piece of soft cloth in it. Use the cloth to rub the scratch (circular followed by up and down motion). Wipe the screen with a fresh cloth to remove the excess polish.

7. Egg and potassium aluminum sulfate7. Egg and potassium aluminum sulfate

Make use of egg whites and potassium aluminum sulfate to say goodbye to these scratches. Get your hands on following; a microfiber cloth, an egg, aluminum foil and potassium aluminum sulfate. Add one egg white to a teaspoon of alum in a saucepan and heat to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Soak the cloth in this mixture and then place it on aluminum foil after which this aluminum foil will go into an oven at 300 degree until the cloth is dry completely. Take the cloth out and rinse it in cold water for about half a minute. The soaking, drying and rinsing is to be performed three times again. Now let the cloth dry for 2 days and afterwards use it to clean the scratches, simple, no?

6. Vegetable oil6. Vegetable oil

For the scratches that are hidden, vegetable is the perfect quick fix; just add a drop of it on top of the scratch and voila!

5. Baking soda5. Baking soda

Take a bowl and mix one part water and two parts baking soda in it. Mix it until you get a thick paste, apply this paste to a soft cloth and then gently make circular motions on the scratches with this cloth. Once done, wipe away the screen with a fresh and slightly dampened piece of cloth.

4. Baby powder4. Baby powder

Follow the same steps as above and substitute baby powder instead of baking soda.

3. Sandpaper or drill grinders3. Sandpaper or drill grinders

If your phone has scratches on the back then you can make use of sandpaper or a small drill grinder but you’d have to be really careful with this approach. Use the least abrasive type of sandpaper and go easy and gentle on the phone.

2. Car scratch removal creams2. Car scratch removal creams

The creams you use for cars such as 3M Scratch and Swirl Remover will also work for your smartphone screen; use a clean cloth and wipe away at screen gently.

1. Toothpaste1. Toothpaste

Make sure it is not the gel toothpaste type and after you’ve ascertained that it is not, simple dab a little amount of it on cotton swab or a clean soft cloth. Make circular gentle motions on the screen until the scratch goes away. Wipe the screen clean to remove any residue toothpaste.


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