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Make Your Phone Charge Upto 50% Faster With These Simple Tricks


All of us own some sort of the smart technology; smartphones or tablets, yes? Then we all also know how it is of utmost importance to charge them as much as possible when you are supposed to leave in like 10 minutes. However, we all face the same damn problem; these gadgets won’t charge as quickly as we would want them to.

Why is it so? Well, let’s kick off with the basic reasons; Dude, have you seen the size of that screen? Yeah, that baby drains power like anything so if you are using your smartphone while using it, you are wasting your effort. Apart from that, there are a lot of background processes going on along with much other stuff (wifi and GPS etc). So how do you make most out of that little time which you have got while you have access to a charger?

First off, open your applications and kill off the apps you are not using or plan to use while you are outside. If you don’t use Wifi/mobile-data outside of your workplace/home, we would suggest you force stop all the apps pertaining to data; Facebook, Skype, Messenger, Whatsapp and Viber. The next step is to turn your smartphone to airplane mode. Your tablet/smartphone will charge with an increased efficiency of 50%. Also, reduce the brightness and don’t use it while it is being charged.

These tips will help you to get maximum charging efficiency in less time. Oh and if you can manage tethering to a wall outlets; Win!


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