Make Your Own Portable Reading Lamp With These Simple Steps

DIY Lamp 4

We all depend a lot on certain facilities in our everyday life, for instance; smartphones, TVs, laptops and what not. These all gadgets and facilities depend upon electricity and that is something to which you don’t always have access to. Doesn’t make a lot of sense? Alright, let’s put it this way; during camping, when you are on the road in your car or sleeping under the sky in open, you can’t really manage to get ample diffused light to facilitate reading. DIY LampYes, we know that a flashlight or a car’s headlight would suffice but they all have one drawbacks; they are not diffused, they are concentrated at one single point and may prove troublesome for others. What’s the solution then? We have this great reading light idea which will allow you to own a reading lamp, which is portable and easy to use.

DIY Lamp 5The items that you’ll need include a milk jug and a head lamp with a strap. Now remember the key idea is to make a well diffused light source that will facilitate the purpose of reading. The first item that you will need for this fix is a milk jug, preferably a gallon milk jug that is clean (you don’t want bad odours while reading). Once you have made sure that it is clean and good to use; move to the next step.

DIY Lamp 3Fill the milk jug with water followed by screwing the lid on the top and ensuring that the lid has been screwed properly otherwise the water will spill and the whole assembly may get damaged.

DIY Lamp 2Now you need to attach the headlamp to the jug while ensuring that the headlamp is approximately located at the middle of the jug with the headlamp facing inwards. Take a minute to appreciate this simple assembly before you switch on the lamp and witness the experience of watching a gentle light diffusing the area around the milk jug and rendering that area full of enough light to allow you to read a book.

The light from this simple fix is gentle on your eyes and covers a wider area when compared to other light sources (lanterns, flashlights) and can be placed anywhere depending upon the need and requirement. Check out the youtube video below for more:


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