Make Your Own Lock Picking Set Using Paperclips

Lock Picking Set from Paperclips

Picking a lock is a handy skill that you might need every now and then ( Specially when you lose the keys to your lock). While you can find many details on how to pick a lock online, the one thing they all don’t tell you is how to make your own tools to pick a lock. Usually you would have to buy a tool set for this purpose, but we are here to tell you how to make your own tool set and then use it to pick a lock by merely using paperclips. Lock Picking Set from Paperclips2 Lock Picking Set from Paperclips3

The materials that you will require are paperclips and a pair of pliers. How many paperclips do you need for this? Just two, one will act as a tension wrench and the second will work as a lock pick. There’s not really much of restriction on which kind of paperclip do you need but simply put you’d need to make sure that the clip is wide enough to be able to fitted into the lock and long enough to be able to held while it is completely inserted. Lock Picking Set from Paperclips4

Grab that pair of pliers and unfold the large edge and make a straight portion out of the paperclip. This straight part will be used as a pick. You may or may not choose to place a small upward bend at the tip of the pick.Lock Picking Set from Paperclips5

The next step is about creating a tension wrench out of the second paperclip and is achieved by taking out the bends from the paperclip and creating two straight wires that have a curve at the end. The curved end needs to be pressed down with a wrench, the end goal is to make a 90° in the curved end that has a length of about 1 cm. So you are all set with your own lock picking kit! Check out the youtube video below for more details:


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