Make Extra Income From Your Broken Mobile Devices

What comes to your mind whenever your phone develops a fault or stops working as well as it should? Do you throw it into the trash bin immediately or quietly find a resting place for it in your drawer. Many people may choose to give it away if it is fairly usable but what happens if there’s a complete damage in which your phone does not come on again. 

From an expert perspective, it is better to sell mobile devices  when they can no longer serve their use than to let them litter your home. As you may already know, mobile devices tend to retain some value even after their owners no longer find them good enough for continuous use. For instance, the estimated half-life for an average phone has been put at 24months. At about this time, you would begin to notice problems with your phone either externally or internally. It’s at this stage that you begin to contemplate disposing the phone. Before we delve into that and how you can make extra income selling old mobile phones, let us briefly look at what counts as a broken phone:

  • Cracked screen
  • Faulty Battery 
  • Presence of dents and scratches in the body
  • Has issues with storage
  • Inaudible microphones or phone speakers 
  • Broken SIM gates
  • Broken microSD slots
  • Corrupt operating system 
  • Your phone isn’t coming on.
  • Your phone camera is not working, or it’s showing a black screen. 

Selling broken phones is now very easy and possible, especially If you’re in the UK. Put in another way, no matter how bad your phone is, the good news is that you can still make money out of it. Among other things to do with an old phone, you could sell your broken phone to recyclers who will put them into good use while you earn some money for yourself. 

What Is Mobile Phone Recycling?

Your cellular device contains different materials that can be reused in different places and for different reasons. That’s why you shouldn’t just discard them when you figure out they are of no use to you.

Mobile phone recycling is a process of getting value from your old, damaged, and faulty phones. This economic value is gotten from 2 ways:

  • The phones are refurbished and sold back to end-users
  • The precious metals and other valuable units in the badly damaged ones are extracted and recycled.

Who Are Phone Recyclers? 

In simple terms, these are companies that collect your faulty or damaged mobile phones, refurbish them and resell to end-users. In the case where this is not possible, they extract some of its internal parts and sell off to manufacturers or companies that need them. 

Whatever they chose to do with your broken phones should not be much of a concern to you as they evaluate and assess the phone and pay you an agreed sum.

Why You Have To Recycle Your Mobile Phone 

There are viable reasons why you need to recycle your phone. One of the very first reasons is that you can make something out of nothing; money to be precise. Another is to prevent environmental hazards as damaged phones not recycled can constitute  electronic waste that pollutes the environment. Cell phones contain toxic materials like mercury, lead, and cadmium, which lead to water and food poisoning if these wastes are not adequately discarded. 

Recycling a single phone can get manufacturers all the metals needed to manufacture a new one. Cellular phone recycling helps us conserve limited natural resources like gold, copper, and platinum, which have been said can be exhausted in a few years owing to their current increased rate of extraction. 

Recycling phones also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and thus you’ll be contributing to a healthy environment when you don’t smash your damaged phones into pieces.  

How Does Cell Phone Recycling Work?

Studies have shown that nearly 70% don’t discard their phones outrightly. They simply leave them sitting around a corner in the house, accumulating dust and occupying space. I’m confident that everyone who understands that phone recycling can be done and how it is done would not follow the former route when their digital devices get spoilt or damaged. 

One recycling method is by taking the working parts of one and combining it with another cell phone’s functional features to make another new phone that can be resold to end-users. 

Another method is to separate the phone into its constituent parts and extract the valuable resources like gold, copper, platinum, plastics, and glass. 


Whatever mobile device you’ve got, Android, IOS, or windows, you can always get the most value out of them well after their intended use. Platforms like Rapid Phone Buyer will buy your old, broken, or faulty phones and pay you for it. They are a big name in mobile phone recycling and will pay you cash for phones. Now, I believe you know that your broken phones can now bring an extra income to your table, so if you’ve got one lying obsolete in your drawer, dust it and go on to make your cool cash.

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