Major Brands Still Say That The Metaverse Looks Great – And Everyone Is Wrong

As we know, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has changed the landscape of the online world, specifically Facebook, by introducing the specs of brand engagement in order to revive his business model. Now, he has been planning to implement the same procedure on the much-anticipated Metaverse, in the same way as he did with Instagram, by turning it into an “e-commerce mecca”. Hence, introducing the concept of brand engagement into Metaverse seems exciting, but there are some companies who have some concerns regarding this because of the “online mockery” that Metaverse encountered last month.

However, other companies are completely fine with the process and are ready to join in the new venture. Moreover, The Wall Street Journal reports that most notable brands and experts believe that in order to ensure success, simplicity and creativity are two essential things. They said that breadth, influence, and brand engagement can only be achieved by introducing those details which are easily understandable by the general public.

If we draw a line of comparison between “Horizon Worlds” and “Roblox,” the Horizon Worlds is definitely not simple. There are a lot of other complexities, like it does not have aesthetics and a simple design feature like Roblox. However, the design features of Horizon World can be changed by introducing basic functions with aesthetic details. Ethan Zuckerman, a professor and internet scholar at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, said, “If I’m Zuckerberg, and I’m trying to get to a billion users, I’m saying, It’s got to be simple. They’re trading visual appeal for the ability to create. “

On the other hand, Puma chief brand officer Adam Petrick says, “Is it going to be better than the best games out there? No, it’s not. But it’s not meant to be. ” However, all this has acquired a lot of skepticism as well, but it seems like Zuckerberg is not concerned with the introduction of the best option. Instead, he is more focused on creating something “bigger”. Also, being the inventor of Facebook, Zuckerberg has always made sure to bring on board the most relevant features. And this has been done by either taking hold of the competitors or emulating the features of those platforms on Facebook that he could get his hands on.

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