Made in India Howitzer Artillery Gun Has Failed Last Phase Of Tests Yet Again

The much hyped and famed 155mm Indian artillery guns have once again failed the test phase. This gun design is based on the Bofors gun already being used by the Indian army for the last twenty-five years or more.  The indigenous Dhanush howitzer gun has failed to pass the last phase of tests, and the Indian army is out of sorts after the horrendous blunder.

According to Economic Times India, a source privy to the test said that a shell hit the muzzle brake when led to misfire and consequently a failed test. A muzzle brake is a component that is attached to the top of the barrel and helps reduce recoil, while dispersing gasses on each side when a shell is fired.

Economic Times India adds that the gun faced a similar test fire issue just a few months back, in May. The gun is in house development by the Indian army and is being manufactured at Gun Carriage Factory at Jabalpur.

Sources claim that the engineers are now looking to redesign the barrel, and possibly try to increase the diameter of the muzzle so the shell can freely fly out.

NOTE: The video below is in Hindi 


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