This Machine Helps Librarians Clean Thousands Of Books

Book cleaning machine (2)

Household chores are something everyone despises. When it comes to dusting the place, everything is alright from the furniture to the decoration pieces, but getting one look at a dusty bookshelf, you would want to give up. It is not often that someone would bother pulling out each book from the shelf and clean it properly. Imagine how the libraries manage the thousands of books they keep. No, they do not insanely dust every book by hand, they use a machine that is like a tiny car wash. Except it involves no cars and no water.

Source: Tas Writes

There is a variety of book cleaning machines in the market made by Oracle. Some are semi-automatic while some are fully automatic. One such fully automated machine uses spinning brushes on a conveyer belt with a built-in vacuum that sucks off all the dust and debris from the book, no matter how old it is. The librarian has to feed the book to the machine and collect it once done, but the cleaning process is automated.

The Boston Public Library tweeted a video of the machine in working.

The machine can clean up to 12 books every minute without causing any damage. The portable machine can be wheeled to any part of the library, cleaning any book that is up to 15 inches tall.

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