Lunicycle Is The Coolest Unicycle That You Can Get

Lunicycle Makes Riding a Unicycle Easy

Learning to ride a unicycle is too hard an activity to learn. Some might even place it close to juggling. Some people, however, do learn it because of the difficulty it poses as an activity. For all the rest of uni-cyclists out there, this Lunicycle by the Inventist comes as a fix to make riding the unicycle easy and more fun.Lunicycle Makes Riding a Unicycle Easy6

This ease that has been imparted via two main features of Lunicycle’s design. The first feature is a custom 20-inch wheel that has been shaped slightly like an oval. This allows to tackle the ‘dead spot’ issue that comes with pedal revolution at the point when the user’s momentum generated by rider, dips momentarily. According to the company, “When the feet are at 12 and six o’clock, the longest part of the oval is just past its tipping point and assists the rider through the dead zone.”

Lunicycle Makes Riding a Unicycle Easy4 Lunicycle Makes Riding a Unicycle Easy3

The second feature that Lunicycle has to offer is the fact that it comes without a seat or a hub. Traditionally, the unicycles without the seats are harder to ride as compared to the ones having seats. However, by introducing a calf-bracing extension as an integral part of pedal cranks, the 2.3 kg unicycle claims to produce a natural sort of balancing similar to what we’re used to while walking.Lunicycle Makes Riding a Unicycle Easy5 Lunicycle Makes Riding a Unicycle Easy2

The CEO, Shane Chen, says that the design has been based on the company’s already exising model known as Solowheel that can be termed as a powered seatless unicycle, which is self-balancing. Shane is also the guy behind the Hovertrax and the Hydroglide. The team is busy raising funds on Kickstarter and a pledge of $130 shall warrant you a Lunicycle before the product is ready for shipping. The retail price, as planned, is $180. Check out the youtube video below for more:

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