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LumiLevel Is The World’s Most Accurate Level That Features LEDs

LumiLevel comes from a group of entrepreneurs that are based in Montreal. Levels featuring bubbles or the digital one with LCD numerical displays are old. However, LumiLevel is unique from both kinds of levels.

LumiLevel is being advertised as the most accurate level in the world. The tool has a strip of 25 LEDs that light up either to one or the other thus indicating its vertical or horizontal angle. At the start, each LED corresponds to a slope of 0.2 degrees. Once the device has been levelled approximately, the LEDs switch over to each LED corresponding to one-hundredth of a degree thus allowing the users to carry out fine-levelling the likes of which have never been seen before.

According to the creators of LumiLevel, the device offers a viewing area that is roughly ten times wider than that of a conventional bubble level. Furthermore, the illuminated display enables you to work with it even during the dark. If you shake LumiLevel, all of the LEDs light up for a while thus doubling it up as a flashlight. You can also twist it back and forth for making it beep to indicate how close it is to being level.

LumiLevel’s primary body has been crafted using high-grade aluminum and comes with a magnetic edge. The edge is curved in cross-section and can be used against pipes as well. The current version of the tool is powered using four AA batteries; there are plans for production models to feature a lithium battery that will suffice for months on a single charge.

Other features of this amazing level are metric and imperial rulers that run along the edges. Indicators have been marked under the LEDs to let the user know when LumiLevel is at slopes of one-eighth, one-quarter, three-eighths, or half an inch. The gadget is currently raising funds on Kickstarter, and a pledge of $29 will get you a 12-inch model whereas a pledge of $36 will get you the 24-inch model.

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