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Lucy Will Illuminate Your House Without Any Using Electricity


Pic Credits: inhabitat

Every house or building has a room that needs some artificial lighting even during the day time. Or maybe you just don’t like your house to look gloomy and want to keep it lightened up all the time. Whatever it is, it will surely put a big dent into your wallet. A new device, however, looks to solve this dilemma! And it does this using the cleanest and cheapest form of energy, i.e. the sun itself!

Lucy is a solar-powered robotic mirror that utilises natural sunlight and its ingenious mechanism of mirrors to illuminate your house! Users firstly need to put Lucy at a place with which has the line-of-sight to both the sun and the room or space that they would like to brighten up. After the user locates the exact spot where he/she want to direct the sunlight, Lucy is programmed such that it can track the movement of the sun and redirect its sunlight to that spot throughout the day.

Pic Credits: inhabitat

The company, Solenica claims that Lucy can illuminate a 250-square-foot room quite comfortably using its 5,000 lumens. So if you want to lighten up your house’s average-sized living or dining room at no additional cost, Lucy is the way to go.

According to the company, a single usage of Lucy can reduce carbon footprint by the user up to one tonne (0.9 tonne)/year. Since it is purely solar-powered, it requires no mains electricity or connections at all! The energy needed to run the mechanism is also extracted from the sun, and all of this is contained within a sphere making it a compelling piece of design.


Pic Credits: inhabitat

Of course, the downside is you can only use Lucy during the day time, and only if you have access to a sunny window with a clear line-of-sight to the interior room. But still, if you are getting free light without spending much, it is quite an alluring option.

Unfortunately you can’t buy Lucy just yet, but Solenica has announced that it is going to launch Lucy via an Indiegogo campaign very soon, with an option of discounted pre-order as well. The price hasn’t been declared yet, but there is an indication that it will be around $150 to $200.

Pic Credits: inhabitat

The video below provides an introduction to the Lucy:

Would you consider using Lucy instead of the traditional lights to illuminate your house? Speak your heart out in the comments’ section!

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