Lucid Dreamer Will Allow You To Wake Up Inside Your Dreams And Control Them


Lucid Dreamer is a smart device that can detect the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep. REM sleep is associated with vivid dreaming. The Lucid Dreamer emits weak electrical signals to alert you to the fact that you are dreaming, hence allowing you to control your dreams.


Image Source: Lucid Dreamer
Image Source: Lucid Dreamer


About 20 percent of the general population usually experiences lucid dreaming at least once a month. Lucid dreaming refers to the condition when the person realises that he/she is dreaming. Although lucid dreaming is usually induced accidentally, the recent research has revealed that the brain undergoes a particular kind of ‘gamma activity’ during lucid dreams.


Image Source: Lucid Dreamer
Image Source: Lucid Dreamer


The effectiveness of the Transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation (tACS) to enhance lucid dreaming has been documented in detail. tACS electrically stimulates the brain and increases the gamma activity during REM sleep resulting in lucid dreaming in 77 percent cases.


Image Source: Lucid Dreamer
Image Source: Lucid Dreamer


Neuromodulation Technologies B.V. is a Dutch company that has developed the device named Lucid Dreamer. The contraption allows the users to take control of their dreams by alerting them to it. The team tested the device on five participants.

“…three out of five participants became lucid the first night; one participant became lucid on the second night and one participant on the third.”

However, the frequency of lucid dreaming varied among the participants. While one member experienced lucid dreaming five nights out of seven, another reported just two nights of lucid dreams out of seven. Albeit imperfect results, the device definitely performed better than the usual average.


Image Source: Lucid Dreamer


The crowdfunding campaign of the Lucid Dreamer is currently live on Kickstarter. The creators of Lucid Dreamer believe that there are other ways of inducing lucid dreaming. However, they claim that their method is the most efficient one.



You can learn more about Lucid Dreamer on their official website.

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