Love Potions Could Soon Be A Reality – Thanks To Drugs That Can Replicate The Feeling Of Falling In Love

Love potions have been talked about since the time of Shakespeare and have continued to do so in mythical stories like Harry Potter. However, now, experts believe that these potions might just be available within three to five years.

Drugs that create a spark of romance may include the ‘cuddle hormone’ oxytocin while low-dose ecstasy could help couples fall back in love. A form of an anti-depressant may be given to lovers who have been dumped.

Anthropologist Dr. Anna Machin, of Oxford University, stated that certain drugs can emulate the effect on the brain of falling in love. She told Cheltenham Science Festival: ‘There are lots of ethical questions… but love drugs are certainly on the horizon.’

She added: ‘We know enough now about the neurochemistry of love to probably suggest some things you could take to enhance your abilities to find love – or to increase the possibility that you will stay in love when it’s getting a little bit tricky.’

‘And certainly, one of the frontiers of love research commercially – can you imagine how much money you make? – is in exploring these possible love drugs.’

‘Oxytocin could be available within a decade for people to squirt up their nose before they go out on a Saturday night – at the same time as a glass of prosecco.’

She stated

: ‘There are more ethical questions surrounding MDMA [ecstasy] so that is likely to take longer.’

Levels of oxytocin increase in the human body during hugging. Dr. Machin has written a book called Why We Love, said: ‘It could help people become more confident when dating and help them fall in love.’

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