Louis Vuitton Is Now Making Stationery And It Is Hell Expensive

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Louis Vuitton is the famous designer brand that we all love. You may have drooled over its bags, clutches, clothes and jewelry at least once. It turns out that these things are not all they make.

Louis Vuitton has a whole range of stationery which includes plastic rulers, pencils, fountain pens, notebooks and even pen holders. But these are no $10 rulers or pencils. The stationery items cost a hefty sum. A pink 15-cm ruler that they named ‘Ruler Nikki’ costs a crazy $175. The ruler features Maison’s Monogram flower motives. Louis Vuitton says,

“This ruler is lined with leather for extra comfort. Inspired by childhood memories, the three flowers can be used as stencils, offering a smart and playful signature touch.”

Well, you got yourself a stencil with signature flowers for $175? Wow!

Source: Louis Vuitton

Almost 200 bucks for a freaking ruler? No thanks, we’ll live without the leather; actually without the LV logo.

If the price of the ruler couldn’t make you cringe, check out their whole range of luxury stationery items. There is a set of two leather coated pencils which costs $150, a pencil pouch for $340 and a bunch of notecards for $250. Well, the notecards are pretty fancy but come on!

Source: Louis Vuitton

What could we possibly do better with a pencil that is coated with leather? ‘Pencil Duo Henry’ is the black one and ‘Pencil duo June’ is the red. Even the pencil pouch is named Elizabeth. So royal!

Source: Louis Vuitton

Another $400 for the ‘Inkpad Kieth’ and over $1000 for the ‘Document Holder PM Taiga.’ Yeah, you could just feast your eyes over these pieces of overpriced stationery.

Source: Louis Vuitton

Do you plan to buy any of these stationery items? Comment below!

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