Loud Booms Have Been Heard Across San Diego – And Everyone Is Confused

San Diego residents were left puzzled on Monday as they heard and felt loud “booms” in certain parts of the city. The strange sounds prompted concern online, as people took to social media to report their experiences.

The first boom was reportedly heard around 4PM local time, as one Twitter user noted that their “whole house shook” before they heard a loud noise and thought someone had crashed into the side of their house. Another Twitter user reported a second boom sometime after 4:30 PM local time, noting that their backyard sliding door in Otay Mesa was shaking.

Residents in the area were left puzzled, as the United States Geological Survey confirmed that it had not reported any earthquakes in the region. The organization mentioned that the closest earthquake to the city shook 350 miles away in Bishop, California.

So, what could have caused these mysterious booms? Some speculated that they could have been sonic booms, which occur when an object moves through the air faster than the speed of sound. Sonic booms are often heard as a loud, explosive noise and can cause vibrations that shake buildings and other structures.

However, officials from the Naval Air Station in San Diego confirmed that they were not conducting any supersonic flights at the time of the booms. So, the cause of the loud noises remains a mystery.

While some may dismiss the booms as simply a strange, unexplained phenomenon, it’s understandable that they would cause concern among San Diego residents. After all, loud, unexpected noises can be unsettling and even trigger feelings of anxiety or panic. It’s important for officials to investigate the source of the booms and provide reassurance to the public, so they can feel safe and secure in their homes and communities.

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