Look For These Suspicious Signs To Know If Your Phone Has Been Hacked

phone hack

Hackers work in an unethical way but they are indeed among the smartest people on earth. When they break into a system, they never leave a trace before they manage to steal everything from there. Before you fall prey to a major hacking attack, here are some signs that you should look for to know if your phone is hacked or not.

Phone Starts Slowing Down:

A major side-effect of a malicious software is that it slows down your phone. Your phone will start freezing and the virus that runs in the background will start using the using the resources of your phone while it is active. Sometimes someone else can also install a software on your phone which can record your information. Both of these scenarios can be catered by factory resetting your phone.

Phone Starts Consuming More Data:

Your data consumption can be calculated on your phone. You can compare it with the previous months and current months. If the data consumption is unusual, there are chances that your phone might be hacked.

Your Apps Start Crashing:

If your apps are crashing continuously then you can try restarting your phone in the safe mode. A software reset can also fix a lot of issues on the phone. If you have an iPhone, the facility of turning the phone on in safe mode is not available, therefore you need to soft reset your phone.

A Lot of Pop-Up Ads Appear:

Different malware adds various unwanted bookmarks which you don’t need. This also includes the website shortcut to your home screen. Spam messages start appearing on your phone and if you click them, more malware is installed in the system.

Unknown Online Activity:

If a hacker has access to your phone, they can also access the username and passwords of your other personal accounts. Once they get these details, they can easily access your bank accounts, social media profiles, and any other online services which you use. Keep a regular check on your emails and sent items, any unknown email or message will mean that your device is hacked and you will need professional help to overcome this.

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