Take A Tour Inside This Scary Hitler’s French Bunker At A Secret Location


The German Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler, is known to be one of the cruelest leaders of the World, and his life details are of significant interest to historians all over the world. Parisian photographer, Marc Askat, walked through a thick forest in northern France to find an interesting subject, when he stumbled upon an abandoned place. This interesting subject was none other than the Hitler’s bunker, where this Nazi leader plotted the invasion of Britain.

Marc Askat is a military history enthusiast who looks through old and forgotten World War II sites with great vigor, and brings them back to life with his camera. The location of the bunker was speculated for a long time, until Marc Askat’s discovery. The abandoned bunker was submerged deep into the forest, way off the radar; finding the location was considered quite an accomplishment.

Towards the end of the World War II when Germany strived to survive through the war, Hitler fled to a secret bunker in the German territory, but that is not the only one. There are many of these abandoned bunkers spread all over the Germany and France. The plans for the invasion of England were made in the bunker of France, and it was discovered only a couple of years ago by the French photographer.

The bunker was named “Führerhauptquartier Wolfsschlucht II, ” and it housed many German officers and their staff, serving as Nazi’s Western Front military command.

Have a look at this place! Its interior echoes the sound of war. If these walls could ever talk, we would hear nothing, but the screams of atrocities that were planned inside these doors. It is the same location where Adolf Hitler shot himself in the April of 1945.

When Askat uploaded his findings to Facebook, he did not mention the location of the site, because the building is still in use.It now serves as a top secret French Foreign Legion.

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  1. Lobos Reply

    So, i’m the one who took those pictures, and yeah, this article is full of shit, i didn’t do a single crap of what is said on this, it was hardto get in, but i didn’t crawl between fucking mines … and i don’t even talk about the historical facts on the article … real version of the story and full pics on my FB page ( 442 explorations )

  2. Harald Isachsen Reply

    This article is a false, agree With Frank, Complete nonsense written by someone With no knowledge of WWII.

  3. Frank Reply

    what a complete nonsence story, Hitler shot himselve in Berlin not in France. The entire location is abandoned and not in use. Hitler only visited this location once, on june 17 in 1944….please check the facts next time…

    • Kevin Sullivan Reply

      Yes, pure nonsense. Who on earth allowed this to be published? Where are the editors and fact checkers?

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