These Were The Best Gadgets Revealed At The CES 2018

The Consumer Electronics Show is the biggest tech expo of the year. It has been running in Las Vegas this past week and some of the biggest names in the industry made introduced new concepts and their projects in the pipeline. We will take a look at some of the best reveals at the CES 2018.

The Wall by Samsung:

(Source: New Atlas)

Samsung introduced the huge 146-inch bezel-free TV that covers the wall in your living room. The Wall uses a new microLED technology and showed that they are not shying away from the “bigger is better rule” when it comes to televisions.

Big Format Gaming Display by Nvidia:

(Source: New Atlas)

Nvidia targetted the gamers with their first Big Format Gaming Display (BFGD). It offers 4K resolution at a good 65 inches screen. It supports HDR and refreshes at 120 Hz. All these features are a gamers’ paradise and it also has a built-in Android TV so you can kick back to watch some Netflix after an intense gaming session.

65-inch Rollable TV by LG:

(Source: New Atlas)

Perhaps one of the best displays when it comes to televisions was the 65-inch rollable TV by LG. The LED Tv can roll down into its base at the push of a button and you can roll it up and carry it under your arm for transportation.

Vive Pro by HTC:

(Source: New Atlas)


Virtual reality is an important part of any technology show these days and the Vive Pro by HTC took the cake in the department at CES. Even though it is still not wireless, it has a wireless adapter so that minimizes dependency on wires. With integrated headphones, it is a huge step up to the existing technology.

The Volocopter:

(Source: New Atlas)

The Volocopter from Germany is a passenger-carrying drone and CES 2018 marked its first flight on US soil as it took off on stage during the presentation.

Smart Display by LG:

(Source: New Atlas)

Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa were seen all throughout the event. Smart Display by LG is one of the few devices that will match Google Assistant with a display and now you can actually see how to make something rather than having a recipe read back to you.

Project Linda by Razer:

(Source: New Atlas)

This concept transforms a Razer phone into a full-fledged laptop. The phone acts as the brain as well as the trackpad. They have added a bigger screen and a full keyboard for users to interact with Android apps. They have also added an extra battery and storage in the chassis. This is the best implementation of the idea to date.

Modular Smartwatch by Blocks:

(Source: New Atlas)

This was not the most eye-catching gadget on display but it was certainly one of the most useful ones. The software is based on Android 8.0 but works with Apple as well. You can add in extra modules as you need them, including a GPS unit and a flashlight, which make up the strap around the central smartwatch.

DeepFrame One:

(Source: New Atlas)

Augmented reality has a lot of potential but it is hindered by the use of a headset. DeepFrame One eliminates the need for that and as long as you are peering through this screen, you can see the effect go on for miles. Imagine standing in a showroom and making your own car with this platform.

LSPX-A1 4K Projector by Sony:

(Source: New Atlas)

Sony has just introduced a new projector that can make a 120-inch projection on the wall with the projector placed only 9.6 inches away. That coupled with the superior sound system in the coffee table like frame makes it one of the best projectors for enthusiasts of home cinemas.

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