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Lockheed Martin And Boeing Unveil Defiant X Advanced Assault Helicopter

Lockheed Martin and Boeing debut Defiant X advanced assault helicopter

Lockheed Martin and Boeing have unleashed the Defiant X Superior Military Helicopter created for the United States Army’s FLRAA (Future Long-Range Assault Helicopter) competition. It is marked as the fastest and most maneuverable assault helicopter in history. It is also billed as the most survivable of all the fighter helicopters ever created. The new design is based on the teams’ SB 1 Defiant Demonstrator prototype.

FLRAA is conducted to create a medium-class multi-role fighter helicopter with double the available designs’ speed and range. The Defiant X works with coaxial main rotors, and a pusher prop mounted at its back. This new design helps set aside the risk of uneven lift forces and a retreating blade stall at high speeds. These problems were faced commonly in single rotor designs. The coaxial rotors also allow the helicopter to maintain immaculate handling at low speeds.

Developed to succeed the Black Hawk helicopter, the Defiant X seems very comparable to its SB 1 Defiant predecessor. The basic layout of the new design is similar. However, the noteworthy differences are that its nose is sharper, more aerodynamic airframe, and the engine nacelle is created to minimize its thermal signature. This build aims to create fast, stealthy, and heavily-armed helicopter that can proceed in different directions at high speeds. The most beneficial part of the new build is its ability to approach hostile territory at low altitudes to drop or extract troops and arms at a specified area.

The developers are keeping technical data to themselves so that no one finds out that if the T55 engine is swapped with a more superior turbine. However, if it is changed, then the new Defiant X will venture at 100-knots swifter than the old rotorcraft. The replacement will give it 60% more range and 50 percent better performance in hot-hover maneuvers.

The Defiant X is created for improved capabilities with a similar design as the Black Hawk. It equips the similar close-formation flying with the least possible alteration of present tactics, techniques, training, procedures, or body design.

The Defiant X is currently being tested in a digital combat environment, whereas the contracts from the FLRAA competition are due to be awarded in 2022. If chosen, the new design helicopter will enter the U.S army’s arsenal in 2035.

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