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Tracking Point System – Now Anyone Can Be A Deadly Sniper


We recently covered an article on The Liberator. The gun was manufactured using a 3D printer and was able to fire live rounds. Science and technology keep bringing new gadgets and methods for us to employ and make use of. These ‘improved techniques’ and ‘tweaked gadgets’ all work to achieve one thing; easier and simpler life.

This article is also related to firearms. We are talking about rifles today and in particular, a smart sniper system . Ask any gun enthusiast or hunter and he would tell you the same thing; the biggest error comes from the human taking the shot. Maybe he miscalculated or maybe he missed out on something. But they all agree on one point; human error while taking a shot exceeds all other errors. This particular rifle was designed keeping one goal in mind; to reduce this human error. Tracking Point Xact System is very easy; you need to mark the prey, the computer re-adjusts and calibrates as per the ground conditions and hunter rectifies his aim, finally taking the shot and scoring a perfect hit.

The rifle costs $22,000 and is available now in the market. The rifle makes use of a ballistics computer and a 13 MP camera along with a Linux powered scope and a unique heads up display which is used by the hunter to mark the target. The calculations of the computer are based on; air temperature, humidity and barrel incline. The computer then calibrates and re-adjusts the position of the cross-hair on screen. The hunter has to re-adjust accordingly and take the shot. This rifle has opened up many doors for the future firearms manufacturers.

However, while some may argue on the fact that this takes the thrill out of a hunt and using such technology would actually devalue marksmanship abilities, one cannot argue that this rifle is infact a leap forward. For those of you who still want to experience regular rifles and enjoy the thrill of the hunt, well, you can always buy the traditional rifle.

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