Listen To The Amazing Sound Of The World’s Smallest Rotary Engine At 30k RPM

Rotary engines are well known for their smooth and dynamic operations, along with a simplistic structural configuration. Recently, a Youtuber named Matt has tested the functional capabilities of this engine on his Youtube Channel, “Warped Perception.” This incredible engine has been manufactured by a miniature engine manufacturer, “Toyon”, and is known as “RS-S100.” Matt, the Youtuber, is known for examining all kinds of automotive engines on his channel, but he has never propelled any small engine up to 30,000 rpm before. This is because operating up to this revolution is definitely beyond their working capability, but RS-S100 finally made it possible due to its extraordinary capabilities.

There is no doubt that the smaller engines tend to make their revolutions faster as compared to the conventional ones. But in the case of RS-S100, the phenomenon becomes quite impressive. This extraordinary engine is 2.46 cubic centimeters (0.15 cubic inches) and costs around $500. One of the retailers of small engines,, stated that the engine is designed to achieve only 16,500 rpm (revolutions per minute) and its revolutions at 30,000 is just unbelievable. Also, at 14,800 rpm, the engine is capable of generating about three-quarters of horsepower.

Apart from this, the engine operates on a mixture of fuel and lubricating oil just like the “two-stroke engine” because it has no separate lubrication system. Matt used a “digital tachometer” and found the revolution to be 30,000 rpm by reading through a reflective tape mounted on the flywheel. This small piece of astonishing technology makes a massive noise while running. Therefore, we definitely need some ear defenders before buying this awe-inspiring rotary engine.

Matt said that the engine trembles so violently that it is capable of melting the electrified plug, which helps in the ignition of air, fuel, and oil. It could also disintegrate the tiny exhaust pipe of the plug, therefore, Matt considered that it was high time to stop the engine before it may do any considerable damage. He also had plans to deploy this engine in some other projects to test other parameters. That’s why he stopped it just before the breaking point.

Regardless of its extraordinary capabilities, no vehicles today are equipped with this incredible technology, and that is the sad part. It dated back to 2012 when the deployment of this high-speed rotary engine was also ceased in Mazda RX-8 vehicles. For now, this fascinating piece of technology has just been there for the inspection of YouTubers like Matt and some motoring enthusiasts.

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