LinkedIn Says Most Of Its Employees Could Permanently Start Working Remotely

The onset of the pandemic has changed the norms and rules of the society so much and so deeply that going back to things the way they used to, before the pandemic, seems almost wrong. People have adapted and adjusted well to the changes that were brought by the virus. Even with vaccines being circulated and more people getting the dose every day, large crowds seem unsettling, shaking hands or hugging people as a greeting appears as a thing of the past, and going out without a mask seems sinful. Besides these social changes, the pandemic introduced a lot of changes in the professional arena as well.

A new term, work from home, has been extensively and excessively used lately. The advancement in technology has made it possible for people to work from wherever they wish to work. They do not necessarily have to come to their physical offices every day. A lot of companies have also shifted to this mode of work. LinkedIn is among those.

LinkedIn has announced that it may allow all its employees to work from home entirely as per their liking. People who live in different areas will have pay scales in accordance with the market rate specific to that particular area. Earlier last year, the company had allowed people to work 50% from home and 50% by coming into the office. Tech companies and others of the same sort are now making rules for these kinds of work settings.

For example, Apple is allowing remote work currently and will have the necessity of the employees’ presence reduced to three days in a week once the virus is controlled. Currently, they have the deadline to return to work in October. Employees had threatened to leave work if they were asked to come to the office earlier. Facebook and Google have made getting vaccinated mandatory for their employees. However, LinkedIn has made no such obligation.

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