Lincoln Has Released New Images Of Its L100 Concept – And It Looks Out Of This World

The luxury automotive brand of Ford Motor Company, Lincoln, has launched the Model L100 autonomous concept electric vehicle at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

The company revealed the model on its 100th anniversary. The name Model L is Lincoln paying homage to the brand’s first luxury vehicle 1922 Model L.

“Lincoln has been one of the most enduring and stylish automotive brands in the world and in many ways,” said Bill Ford, executive chair, Ford Motor Company, announcing the new concept design. “If there is one secret to Lincoln’s longevity, it is the brand’s ability to balance its core values with a desire to innovate and create the future,” Ford added.

The L100 concept design is made to favor personal luxury above all else. It has an interactive, center console chessboard that has a jewel-inspired chess piece controller that captures light and depth by redefining the vehicle controls inside the cabin.

The controller is used in place of the conventional steering wheel. The autonomous function makes the travel experience intuitive and effortless. The Molde L100 was developed with an intelligent driving experience, connectivity, and software-driven innovations.

The design team has created Driver-centric and social seating configurations that enable front seating space to switch forward and rearward-facing positions.

The entire interior has been designed to create an immersive environment. The digital floor, canopy, and ambient lighting all come together to paint a personalized experience that can uplift your mood. Its fine interior lighting blends meticulously with sound, scent, and touch.

The Model L100 concept uses next-generation battery cell and pack technologies to provide game-changing energy density and enable efficient structural integration by treating the entire vehicle as a system.

The model has a tail-down, relaxed, and sleek outlook. The body has an aero-shaped design that is low to the ground. It also has a K-tail execution that is efficient in guiding the air over the vehicle. It is painted with metallic paint and frosted acrylic.

The car welcomes its passengers with a spectacular glass roof and reverse-hinged doors.

“With the Model L100, we were able to push the boundaries in ways that evolve our Quiet Flight brand DNA and change the way we think about Lincoln designs of tomorrow,” said Anthony Lo, chief design officer of Ford Motor Company.

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