Lightpaper Can Transform Anything Into A Light Source With Built In LEDs

Lightpaper Can Transform Anything into Light

Introduction of technology that could turn any object in your home into a light could very well be the end for light bulbs. A team of researchers has unveiled Lightpaper – an innovative way to print sheets of ‘paper’ that are infused with tiny LEDs.Lightpaper Can Transform Anything into Light6 Lightpaper Can Transform Anything into Light5

According to the researchers, the Lightpaper can be applied to walls and other objects. It can also be printed on different objects, making light out of everything. Revealed by researchers at Idaho, this breakthrough has been made possible by 3D printing. Lightpaper can also be used as a wallpaper that doubles as a source of light. Lightpaper Can Transform Anything into Light3

Rohinni, the firm behind Lightpaper, claims that their product is the thinnest light in the world that is flexible and is printed. The company says, “Today’s lighting methods require soldering LED to circuit boards – now you can just print light on what you want.”Lightpaper Can Transform Anything into Light2 Lightpaper Can Transform Anything into Light4

The firm displayed the Lightpaper as a wallpaper, on car logos and even snowboards. CMO Nick Smoot of Rohinni said, “With Lightpaper it’s more of a platform of light that we don’t even know how it’s going to be used. All we know is that we’re trying to unlock the ability to create light. The magical thing about this solution is it’s brighter, it’s thinner, it’s flexible, it’s addressable, and programmable. You can address the sections of the diodes, which is a whole other space when you start thinking about solutions of light that you can address sections of. Anywhere there is a light, this could replace that.”

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