Your Car Just Touched A Power Line? Here’s How You Can Save Your Life

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Every driver feels like they are pretty aware of all the road safety rules. But among several other drivers and the surrounding environment, there can be plenty of things which can happen while you are driving. There is a chance that you might get caught by surprise in a falling power line so you should know what to do in such situations. Power lines can fall during or after a storm or strong winds. These high voltage lines are a high risk to drivers and pedestrians both and can prove to be fatal as well.

Following these tips, you can ensure your own safety and safety of others in case of a fallen power line.

Stay Calm

When you witness a live power cable touching your car, your first reaction will definitely be to panic, which is understandable. However, you need to keep yourself calm so that you don’t act out of fear. A very important decision you will have to make is if its safe for you to remain in the car or not.

While the impact with the car occurs, the cable will electrify the car’s body. And it also becomes very crucial that you do not touch any metal part of the car. It will also result in electrocution. In this case, you need to call emergency services. They will guide you on how to proceed and tell you if you need to remain inside the car or not. If for some reason you cannot reach them, then consider the following:

If your car is not on fire, then you can remain inside it. Call for help using your phone or any nearby people but make sure you tell them not to get near 50 feet of the car as the surrounding area is electrified as well.

If the car is on fire you need to get out of it as soon as possible but stay calm while making your move. Follow these steps to ensure your and your passenger’s security:


If you are moving inside your car, be very cautious that you don’t touch any metal components inside the car. Plastics part are safe to be touched. Open the door and push it wide open. Make sure you don’t touch any surrounding metalwork of the car, tuck your arms in and fold them over your chest. Avoid any impact that can be prevented.


After tucking in your arms and preparing yourself, you will need to jump out of the vehicle. It is important that you land on your both feet on the ground at the same time. If one foot is on the ground and the other one is still inside the car, then your body will become a conductor for the electricity and you will be electrocuted. Keep your knees bent and jump cleanly from the vehicle instead of sliding yourself from your seat.


When you have reached outside the car, keep in mind that the danger is still not over. The ground you are standing on is still electrified around 50 feet. To avoid any shocks, keep your feet close to each other and shuffle until you get out of the electrified zone. Your both feet should touch the ground at the same time. If you experience any tingling sensation in your feet and legs, keep moving away from the ground until the sensation stops.

What To Do Next?

Once you have left the electrified site, find help. It is not only for you but also to prevent further accidents on the road. Inform the police about the fallen power line. The police will ensure that the area is kept clear until the power lines can be fixed by a professional and the area is declared safe.

When you are waiting for the police, warn the passerby to not approach within the 50 feet of the site.

Beware of Other Circumstances

If the power line has fallen in the water, do not reach it or drive through the water. This can be hazardous and you will need to be very wise to stay clear of the area. Inform the authorities and give them the clear location of the fallen line.

If you see someone else whose car has been struck by the power line, do not go within the 50 feet radius. If you are able to communicate with the driver or the passengers in the car, tell them to stay inside the car until help arrives. If the car is on fire, tell them to follow the proper steps to exit the vehicle.

Calling for help should be the number one priority here. Take extreme caution to get away from the crash site and reach safety. These tips can come in handy in such situations and can save a lot of lives.

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