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LG’s New OLED Display Is So Thin That It Can Be Rolled Like A Newspaper

Welcome to CES 2016 – full of amazing gadgets and ideas and what not. LG is all set to unveil its 18-inch OLED display that, as per the company, ‘can be rolled up like a newspaper’.

The technology has already been introduced by Sharp, Sony and Samsung. However, Samsung is the only manufacturer that has incorporated this technology in a smartphone; G Flex. The phone is already in its second-generation phase.

The OLED lighting technology sports a display that has pixels, which react to electrical current as opposed to LED where backlighting and a fixed panel of pixels is employed. The flexible display are possible thanks to OLED lighting technology – the curvature doesn’t affect the flow of current and hence the reaction of pixels to it.

LG is hopeful that it can make use of curved displayed in different sorts of gadgets or internal spaces such as the panel of a car. We have our fingers crossed for what LG has in store for us!