LG Unveils New Foldable Plastic Displays – And Claims They Are Just As Good As Glass

From the computers that were as large as a whole room, we have come a long way towards smart technology. Now, we are able to store a massive amount of data in small chips that are even smaller than our fingernails. This keeps getting improved by the day.

Now, LG, has developed a foldable plastic screen that will be as hard as glass. The company had to stop manufacturing smartphones as it was having a hard time keeping up with the fast-paced industry with cut-throat competition. However, it still managed to keep up with its rival, Samsung, which launched a foldable phone earlier.

LG foldable phone with borderless design

The display of this LG plastic is being called the “Real Folding Window.” During a press release, it was revealed that the company is using Polyester (PET) film material to coat each glass side. The coating allows maximum flexibility. It has the same hardness as tempered glass, but it will not be as easy to crack.

In order to make the screen resistant to heat, it is coated in “a few dozen micrometers” of this new material. The company is also researching and working on the development of a version of the Real Folding Window without additional reinforcement like this coating.

This Real Folding Window is not the same as that of the Samsung foldable screen. The Samsung screen requires another screen on it to keep it together, this one does not require any such thing. Hence, it has an edge over its rivals. It is yet to be revealed if the screen is bendable on both sides equally. The screens can be widely used in tablets, laptops, and bendable phones.

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