LG Unveils A Roll-Up Television At CES 2019

LG Unveils Roll-Up Television Screen At CES 2019!

CES 2019 is happening in full swing, and we are witnessing different kinds of technologies and interesting designs. LG unveiled its roll-up television screen at the CES 2019, and people are in awe of it.

The LG Signature Television is UHD TV that is also capable of folding itself and rolling out of its base stand. The LG Roll-Up TV Screen was able to wow the audience with its extravaganza; it doubles up as a classy and smooth sound bar. The 165 cm screen can fold itself and hide away into the base panel, and that is what makes the LG Roll-Up Television so amazing!

LG Unveils Roll-Up Television Screen At CES 2019!

The screen can also be raised for a full viewing experience. You can use it to display photos and also to function as a control screen for operating smart devices. This latest OLED television by LG will also come integrated with the virtual software; Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. That’s not where it stops; they will also come loaded with the AirPlay software from Apple.

David VanderWaal, the senior VP of the marketing division of LG, unveiled the latest OLED Roll-Up TV and said, ‘What science fiction directors imagined decades ago is now a reality. It brings freedom of design to space, without the limitations of a wall.’

LG Unveils Roll-Up Television Screen At CES 2019!

Avi Greengar, the research director of GlobalData said while speaking of the Roll-Up Television, ‘It looks very cool, and interior designers are going to love it. This is a unique technology; you are going to want this.’

LG Unveils Roll-Up Television Screen At CES 2019!

LG has yet to tell us about the cost of the OLED Roll-Up Television. However, even without any divulgence of the cost; the onlookers are completely sold while competitors are brainstorming on ways to counter this amazing technology in a better way by coming up with their own variations of the television screen.

Greengart has also made a prediction about the foldable phones and their future. Greengart believes that bendable phones are also going to perform well this year and will bring about a change in the trend of the market. What do you think about this technology? Will you be willing to spend a considerable amount on buying LG Roll-Up TV? Do let us know!

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