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LG Says It’s “Wireless” 77-Inch Transparent OLED TV Is Due For Release In 2024

LG's "Wireless" 77-Inch Transparent OLED TV Due For Release In 2024

In a groundbreaking leap towards the future of home entertainment, LG has introduced the world to its revolutionary 77-inch transparent OLED television. Initially dabbling with an 18-inch prototype in 2014, LG proudly presents the Signature OLED T, a nearly wireless marvel that promises a cinematic experience like no other.

LG’s Signature OLED T claims the title of “the world’s first wireless transparent OLED TV,” although a power cord is still necessary. Movies and shows seamlessly stream to the unit, thanks to a separate Zero Connect Box, eliminating the need for unsightly cables and ensuring a clutter-free aesthetic. This novel approach aligns with LG’s vision of creating a “practically invisible when turned off” television, promoting a sense of openness in the living room.

The 77-inch panel boasts “class-leading picture quality” with a 4K UHD resolution of 3,840 x 2,160. While the transparent nature of the screen may not deliver the same vividness as conventional TVs, LG addresses this with a contrast film that enhances visuals at the push of a button. The new Alpha 11 AI processor elevates graphic performance by 70% and processing speed by 30%, promising a captivating viewing experience.

Beyond its primary function as a television, the OLED T offers versatility. An always-on feature transforms it into a canvas for digital art, videos, or photos, creating an ambiance where content “appears to float in the air.” Additionally, a T-Bar along the lower part of the display serves up real-time information like news headlines and local weather, enhancing the device’s utility.

Acknowledging its innovation, LG proudly announces that the Signature OLED T has clinched five CES 2024 Innovation Awards. Despite the lack of pricing details, this avant-garde piece is anticipated to hit the market later in the year, promising a transformative addition to home entertainment.

The future of television has arrived, seamlessly blending technology with aesthetics for an unparalleled viewing experience.

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