LG Reveals A Rollable 65-Inch OLED TV At The CES 2018

LG does not shy away from revealing its products at the CES. This year was no different. Back in 2014, LG introduced the world’s first flexible OLED TV. These flexible screens did not gain much traction among the customers and LG was left with an expensive invention. However, it decided to build on that was just last year at the CES, they unveiled an 18-inch rollable OLED prototype.

This year, LG has appeared all guns blazing as it showcasing a rollable 65-Inch OLED TV, that can easily be moved or hidden from view when it is not being used. There has been a similar effort by Sony back in 2010 but this rollable 65-Inch OLED TV is the biggest of the sort and it is the closest to reaching the market.

(Source: Nimblechapps)

The rollable TV has a 4K display and can roll up like a poster into a base box that makes it easier to transport the TV from one place to another. The screen stretches to 65 inches when fully unfurled but it can also be partially unrolled to form a smaller display. These smaller displays can be used to view things like the calendar or the weather. It can even act as a music player.

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You can even choose the different aspect ratios from the remote. It has all the ranges from the full-screen 16:9 to a black bar-free 21:9 and all of it is just a push of a button away. The rollable Tv has already gained a lot of interest but LG has not made it available to the customers just yet. The product is still in the development phase and it might still take some time to make it to the market.

You can watch it in action in the video below:

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