LG May Have To Shut Down Its Smartphone Business Completely

LG’s smartphones haven’t always been the best. Though they may use the latest and greatest chipset, RAM, or Display. Their phones have always fallen short when compared to their competitors like Samsung or Apple. Despite their many attempts at innovating and finding their own gimmick, their smartphone division hasn’t really come up with anything that can rake in the profits. Their recent phones have been quite good.

I personally liked their new concept with the LG Wing and their attempt at keeping things fresh but the reality is that their smartphone division isn’t making a profit and they are losing money.

Though the company’s other markets are enough to rake in annual revenue, LG has been reported to be in talks for selling off their smartphone division. However, the search for a buyer is not an easy one. Reports say that it is not going well and LG might have to shut down their smartphone business altogether if things don’t start looking up.

This report came from a South Korean newspaper, Dong-A Ilbo (your pronunciation is as good as mine). A while back, sources said that the company had serious ambitions for 2021 which included a smartphone with a rollable display and that their smartphone division was not going anywhere anytime soon. However, that rollable display smartphone has been reportedly scrapped.

I would have liked to see that rollable display smartphone but the new report also says that the company is going to be shelving all of its new releases for the first half of 2021. In my opinion, this is sad news as less competition means less innovation. The report says that LG has been in talks with companies like Volkswagen and Vingroup JSC for potentially selling off their broke smartphone division but these talks seem to have failed.

LG has been responsible for a lot of reputable smartphones like the LG G2, LG G3, and even some of the Nexus phones like the 5, 5X, and Google’s famous Pixel 2.

If LG fails to find a buyer for their smartphone division, then the division will eventually shut down and the world won’t see more LG smartphones ever again. Which would be a huge loss, in my opinion. Maybe my old G3 will be worth something after their division does shut down.

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