LG Has Unveiled A Cutting-Edge New Camping Trailer At CES

LG has unveiled an innovative teardrop trailer at CES 2024, challenging traditional notions of personal space and portable living. The trailer, named the “Bon Voyage,” is a scaled-down version of its larger predecessor, initially showcased as a dual-axle duplex tiny home-style towable. This smaller iteration is a result of feedback received from the public following the debut of the original Bon Voyage.

Measuring at 3.8 x 2 x 2.2 meters (12.3 x 6.6 x 7.3 feet, L x W x H), the Bon Voyage is designed to be more transportable, making it suitable for towing by both small and large vehicles. Despite its teardrop-like size, it features a flatter roofline and a full side door, resembling a compact boxy trailer. The tailgate entryway stands out, incorporating a teardrop-style rear tailgate concept that serves as a pass-through opening, providing access to the interior.

The interior of the Bon Voyage includes storage cubbies beneath the mattress, utilizing the tailgate as a workspace for various kitchen and food prep equipment. Large glass windows, especially on the lift-gate, ensure panoramic views of the surroundings. LG has teased a robust sound system with a three-driver speaker, likely forming part of a dual-speaker indoor/outdoor stereo setup.

The company highlights the versatile design by mentioning the incorporation of camper-style equipment such as a refrigerator, electric stove, and water purifier. Additionally, LG emphasizes the urban-meets-wilderness theme by suggesting compatibility with its clothes-steaming Styler and shoe care products.

While LG doesn’t mention a toilet explicitly, the trailer appears spacious enough to accommodate at least a compact portable option. The side door and the mention of the Styler imply standing room in front of the bed.

The trailer’s amenities, including the mentioned appliances, could be powered by electricity, making it capable of off-grid living with LG Energy automotive-grade battery packs or conventional AGM batteries. The trailer could also integrate with electric vehicles, utilizing their power outlets.

LG Labs, responsible for the Bon Voyage’s development, is described as a marketing division. While there is no immediate expectation for a production model, LG’s interest in expanding beyond traditional home appliances and electronics into comprehensive intelligent experiences and spaces is evident.

The success of LG’s past unconventional projects, such as the Duobo space-age coffeemaker, moving from a concept to a successful Kickstarter campaign, suggests potential future developments in the unconventional living space created by the Bon Voyage. As LG aims to provide “life solutions,” the possibility of a production Bon Voyage in the future remains open.

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