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Lexus Has Launched Its First Minivan, The Lexus LM

Lexus has taken the veils off of its first luxury Lexus LM Minivan during Auto Shanghai 2019 that took place last month. Lexus minivan is very expensive and an executive car that is bound to bedazzle the customers with the amount of chrome and the luxurious detailing.

Luxury minivans is actually a big business in European and Asian markets where the executives generally have to be driven in small groups between work sites and meetings. The Lexus LM comes with intricate details and sleek styling. It features an oversized front grill and a peculiar rear spoiler. Don’t get confused because of its ‘van-like’ shape; it is not your average vehicle for picking kids up from school or soccer practice.

The Lexus LM Minivan comes in two configurations; an executive four-seater version and a seven-seater family edition. Both of the configurations will allow passengers to travel in the comfort that is unparalleled and while sitting in seats that have been finished in high-quality fabrics. The LM minivan also has a 26-inch screen along with glass privacy partition, and a retro-styled analog clock.

The Lexus LM Minivan also features umbrella storage for rainy climates and features two mini-fridges as well. The customers will be able to choose between the LM 350 with a 3.5-liter engine or the LM 300h that will feature an electrified 2.5-liter four-cylinder, along with a choice between a front- and an all-wheel-drive. The minivan also comes with intense suspension along with acoustic insulation thus making sure that the passengers get to enjoy a smooth and uninterrupted ride. The Lexus LM Minivan is slated to go for sale in China and Asian markets this year with an estimated price of $100,000.

The LM Minivan is the only van that is being offered by Lexus that seems to be trying to tap into the potential Asian market for executive minivans. Chinese executives prefer a luxury car where they can carry out meetings, complete work, or rest comfortably. Do let us know what you think of Lexus LM Minivan!