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You Won’t Believe But This Is Actually A Brand New Van. Here’s Why It Has Rust All Over

So you have a brand new van that appeals to car lifters and highjackers from a mile away. What do you do? The high-tech car tracking and engine kill systems are useful, but thieves are more aware of such systems nowadays and may be able to disconnect them and stop them from being able to work properly. It leaves deceit as one of the remaining options available for us to work.

Clyde Wraps in Glasgow, Scotland manufactured this attachable Rusty Vinyl to deceive thieves into believing that the car is old and rusty. The artwork is so creative and realistic that the car is transformed right in front of our eyes from a brand new Volkswagen into a weather-beaten Mazda with a million miles on the meter! Even the police were concerned and asked him about the condition of his car, and he had to ward them off with a silly story. This secret is not to be shared with anyone!

Take a look at this work of art!

Pretty realistic don’t you think?

The only concern you might have is driving with your bae. She won’t like being driven around in a car looking like this. Then the crucial moment in your life will arrive. Car or bae? Choose wisely!

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