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Lexar Introduces 1 TB SD Memory Card In The Market

Welcome to the world of technology! With each passing day, better and more refined gadgets are being launched, and we are amazed at how quickly the world is progressing. For example, most of the digital cameras are now capable of recording video in the incredible 4K UHD resolution, and 360-degree cameras can capture an all-around scene. While this is amazing, the memory cards that are used for storing data in such devices don’t stand much of a chance. That is where Lexar comes in with its Professional 633x SDXC UHS-1 card.

The SDXC memory card by Lexar offers one terabyte of solid state memory to the consumers. Lexar shows us how just how quickly the portable storage has progressed in a short span of time. According to Lexar, it was only about 15 years ago that the company launched a 1 GB SD card. The company is pitching the latest invention at the slots of HD camcorders, 3D cameras, and mid-range DSLRs.

The Class 10 space monster relies on the use of UHS-1 technology for providing reading speeds of up to 95 MB/s, but the V30/U3 rating can only promise a minimum sequential write speed of 30 MB/s. Despite the low number, it should be enough for 4K recording and playback. Not to mention the capturing of a good count of RAW photos without getting any complaint.

THE 633x is readily available with a price tag of $499.99. If you think you have heard about a 1 TB SDCX car before; you are right. SanDisk did announce one back in 2016. However, the Extreme Pro range from the company maxes out at 512 GB as of now. What do you think of this amazing 1TB card by Lexar? Is it overkill or is it the need of the hour? Do let us know about your feedback!