Lenovo Announces Four New Cheap Chromebooks Coming In May


Chromebooks have seen a lot of popularity recently, especially in the education market. Being small, powerful with good portability, They’re very sought after by teachers, students, and even IT people. Today Lenovo is announcing no fewer than four Chromebook laptops, priced between $299 and $429. That’s actually a good lineup.

All four laptops feature USB C support, rapid charging, HDMI ports, and optional upgrades for Wi-Fi 6. These four laptops will be available for purchase in May.

Lenovo 100e Gen 3

This laptop is the cheapest of the lineup. It comes with an 11.6-inch display at a resolution of 1366×768, with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. It’s using an AMD processor, a 720p camera, and a standard clamshell-like hinge. It has USB-C, USB-A, headphone jack, and HDMI port support, plus a MicroSD card reader. It is a non-touch configuration that will cost just $299 when it comes out in May

Lenovo 14e Gen 2

This laptop is a mid-range model with an AMD processor. It comes with a 14-inch display with the same standard clamshell design. The display starts at 720p and can be upgraded to full 1080p. It also comes with an optional touchscreen upgrade. RAM can go up to 8GB with a storage of 64GB. It has a standard 720p webcam. With the same port Layout as the 100e Gen 3. This laptop starts at $334.

Lenovo 300e Gen 3

This laptop looks like a more premium variant of the 100. It has a standard convertible touchscreen design made with Gorilla Glass and comes with its own pop-out stylus for writing. It comes with up to 64GB of storage and a likewise optional 5MP “world-facing” camera, though the webcam is still 720p and the 4GB of RAM still can not be upgraded. It will cost $359.

Lenovo 500e Gen 3

The 500e looks the most premium of the bunch. It has the same chassis as the cheaper models but comes with an Intel Celeron N5100 processor instead. Lenovo has not yet announced the full spec sheet for this laptop but the windows version comes with up to 8GB of ram and 128GB of storage. With an external webcam, the laptop will cost $429.

I guess a lot of students with be waiting for May to come.


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