Lego Trolls Tesla With Its Own Version Of Cybertruck

Lego Trolled Tesla With Its Own Version Of Cybertruck

And here we are again with yet another article aimed at Cybertruck. We know it doesn’t seem to stop at all, right? The famous company Lego has also joined those who are busy mocking the truck, by coming up with their own versions of shatterproof ‘truck.’

We all remember that the unveiling of indestructible Cybertruck didn’t go according to the plan. That particular moment of glory backfired quite epically. During this moment, Musk and designer Franz von Holzhausen were present on stage with the brand-new Cybertruck. It was at that moment that they attempted to prove just how ‘un-shatterable’ the glass of Cybertruck was by making use of a sledgehammer and then by throwing steel balls at it.

Unfortunately for Tesla, though, the steel balls ended going through the ‘armor glass’ and shattered it. This was quite embarrassing for Tesla, and the comments and jokes on the Internet were, as always, relentless. Lego has also decided to have a bit of fun with this. Lego is a renowned company that is known for its ability to create intricate and massive objects. You can even create submarine engines and huge T-Rex when you start putting Lego pieces together.

Using its knowledge, Lego Australia came up with an ‘unshatterable’ truck intended to troll Tesla and then shared it on their Facebook page. You might be suspecting that this truck would be a complex feat of engineering and design, but you’d be very wrong in believing so. The reason why this prank is so hilarious is that it is pure simplicity. It is literally only a number of small Lego blocks that have been stacked atop on two small rolling pins, and that is about it.

Lego Trolled Tesla With Its Own Version Of Cybertruck

Not only is it brilliant, but it has also managed to garner a lot of attention. Check out some of the creations and memes that people have created over Cybertruck below, as well.

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