Fisker Unveils EMotion Electric Car That Can Charge In 9 Minutes And Runs For 400 Miles

Henrik Fisker might not be a darling of the media when compared to his counterpart Elon Musk, but he has his own legacy in the world of automotive design. Building on his reputation, he made everyone turn their heads with the announcement that his company has been working on an all-new electric vehicle that would challenge Tesla’s Model S!

The car is called Fisker EMotion, and this will be a natural successor of Fisker’s previous company’s Fisker Karma. He sold his first company, Fisker Automotive, back in early 2014, so this will be the first vehicle under his newly formed Fisker Inc. EMotion is one of two electric cars planned by the company, the second one being unnamed and designed for mass market section rather than the luxury sector.

Fisker first revealed Emotion in late 2016, but this is the first time some details on its spectacular specs have been revealed. The Fisker EMotion seems like a sleek, beautiful car, which is extremely tech-laden. According to Fisker, the electric vehicle is designed with a 400-mile range, which surpasses the 350-mile range of the Tesla Model S.

EMotion also comes with a fast-charging feature that will charge it up in just nine minutes! Fisker says that this feat is possible courtesy EMotion’s patent-pending battery technology designed by engineers at UCLA. The car doesn’t use the typical lithium-ion battery and employs super capacitors using graphene.

[Image Source: Henrik Fisker via Twitter]
According to Fisker, EMotion has a top speed of 161 mph and will have autonomous driving capabilities, although they might not be activated until after its public launch. Pricing and launch details are still under the cover, but this is enough to get all of us jumping for joy and rooting for the underdog!

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