Leatherman Tread Is A New Multi-Tool Bracelet That Has Everything You Need

Leatherman Tread – A Multi-Tool Bracelet4

We covered Leatherman multi-tools a while ago and we all agreed that having such tools can come in handy. However, carrying them in a pocket or hanging on a belt is something that none of us would be interested in doing. If you are among those who agree then Leatherman Tread is for you – a stainless steel bracelet that sports a total of 25 tools incorporated within its links. None of these tools is a knife so you can easily pass through airport security checks as well without causing a scene.Leatherman Tread – A Multi-Tool Bracelet Leatherman Tread – A Multi-Tool Bracelet3

There’s a total of 11 links with each link sporting 2-3 tools. These links can be interchanged; user can add new links or change the order of the ones they already have while also being able of remove the ones that they don’t need.Leatherman Tread – A Multi-Tool Bracelet7

Tools included come from a number of different categories such as screwdrivers, hex drives, box wrenches, cutting hooks and even a carbide glass breaker. The Tread is removed from the wrist and then folded back in order to expose the tool that is required. Leatherman will be releasing the basic version of their product in Summer, 2015 in Northern Hemisphere in black and silver color while a version that will sport a Swiss waterproof watch in fall. There isn’t any official statement about the price tag of this device, however, the company has estimated the price to be somewhere along 150-200 dollars.
Check out the video below for more details:

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