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Learn How To Win The Game Of Rock, Papers, Scissors Every Time

Today we bring to you a video that will give you all of the tricks and tips that you need in order to win a game of rock, paper, scissors. The game was originated in China, but has since then become a fun and competitive game all over the world.

A group of Canadians known as ‘The Brothers Walker’ has created the World RPS Society. The World RPS Society even conducted the Rock, Paper, Scissors World Championship every year in Toronto between 2003 and 2009.

So, how exactly do you bag a win at rock, paper, scissors? Are there really any strategies that you can use to win this game that appears to be based on luck and fluke? As it happens, you can actually increase your odds of winning by following some of the suggestions laid out by the video creator.

As per the video creator, men are more likely to start the round by using rock, whereas women are more inclined towards using scissors. Furthermore, it is always a good idea to challenge the opposition to a ‘best of three’ match as it turns the odds in your favor. If someone wins using a particular choice, they are more likely to make use of the same choice again. By paying close attention to the choice made by your opposition, you are in a better position to outsmart them.

On the other hand, if your opponent loses; they will most likely rely on the following sequence. Let’s say someone lost while using ‘rock,’ they are more likely, to begin with, ‘paper’ in the next game. If you are a speedy player, then you can observe the hand movement of your opponent, and just as they are about to make their choice selection, you can adjust your choice accordingly.

If everything else fails, shouting one of the options at random just when you are about to choose will help your psych your opponent’s mind, and then you can choose the choice that you just shouted out.

Check out the video below, and do let us know how these tricks work out for you!

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