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Learn How To Transform Old Milk Bottle Into Kitchen Utensils

The video that is being featured in this article will show you a YouTube user going through the garbage and selecting a piece that will end up becoming a useful kitchen tool. The video is not only crafty but quite useful as well. The video will demonstrate you can transform an old milk bottle into a functional breadknife or a bowl.

A vast majority of people living in the West recycle or at least attempt recycling. However, if you go through your recycling bins or bags, you will definitely find something that can be reused as well. In the case of this YouTube user, it is a milk bottle. So, how do you transform a milk bottle into a bowl or a breadknife? The first step is melting the bottle.

Before we move forward, kindly make sure that you do not attempt to heat the bottle in the oven. Otherwise, you will end up with a large blob of melted plastic that won’t be of any use to you. A toastie machine can work wonders, however. Slowly melting the milk bottle, layer by layer, you will end up with a strong and solid piece of plastic. You can impart some amazing colors by melting the blue bottle caps as well.

For the next step, you will have to cut the shape of the breadknife on a piece of paper and then place that paper over the melted plastic that has become dry and hard by now. You can make use of a smooth cutting machine, or a Bandsaw will do quite well to carry out the next step. Once you watch the video, you will also witness something funny regarding Bandsaw. As the final step, file it down for making the handle and surfaces smooth and to make sure that the breadknife ridges are sharp.

For the bowl, you will follow the same concept, but instead of using the Bandsaw, you will firmly place it between two bowls and allow it to solidify. Check out the video below and let us know what you think of this amazing project!

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