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Learn How To Transform An Old Refrigerator Into A Portable Drinks Bar

This is a project that comes from the Instructables user Matt Makes and will help you transform your old broken up refrigerator into an awesome cooler that is ideal for all kinds of outdoor activities. The project will cost you around $40 and can be completed using very limited regular items such as drills, saw, and drivers.

The project can be completed within a day or two and is a great weekend activity. The best part? At the end of it; you get to reward yourself with a cold drink. You will need a refrigerator, pallets, caulking, liquid nails, casters, 2” x 4”s, misc. PVC/Brass fittings, rope and eye bolts, and black spray paint. The required tools include drill/driver, chop saw, circular saw, sander, caulking gun, prybars, and hammers.

People who already work in the woodworking would already have these tools. The first step to this project is to break down the pallets and process the deck boards so that they measure 25.75” long – the same as the width of the refrigerator.

Once you have done that, you will have to take the old refrigerator apart. Make sure that you remove the Freon lines as safely as possible. We suggest that you get professional help for this purpose. Once the dismantling has been completed, the fun part begins; painting the refrigerator. You can skip this part if your refrigerator is black though.

Once the paint job is finished, you need to cover the sides, top, and the bottom of the refrigerator and the door using the reclaimed pallet wood. However, it is crucial that you make a 2” x 4” base for the cooler to make it truly portable. The most challenging part of this project is waterproofing as refrigerators were not designed to be waterproof when placed horizontally, and that is where caulking comes in.

Once you have completed all of the hard work; you can focus on the final touches, including the door handles, rope catchers, and chalkboard menu board to let people know the contents of the cooler. What do you think of this project?