Learn How Blimps Work And The Engineering Behind Them In This Video

Get Ready To Learn About Blimps & The Engineering Behind Them

How many of you are fascinated by aircraft? We all have an affinity for aviation as human beings – there is something liberating about the idea to be tethered free from the ground and being able to soar through the clouds. This is what led the Wright brothers to build the first airplane, and it is what has led so many others into attempting to bring new ideas into the realm of existence such as blimps.

Get Ready To Learn About Blimps & The Engineering Behind Them

One such contraption has become the staple of 20th-century culture; blimp. The blimps are an amazing engineering feat and have always been able to incite interest and curiosity. A YouTube channel, Concerning Reality, has covered blimps in detail in its recent video.

Blimps had always enjoyed a special place when it came to the imaginations of the futurists that lived in the past. According to thinkers and innovators of the mid 20th century, the ‘lighter than air’ aircraft would have become the most sought after means of transportation in the future.

Blimps have always been eye-catching and quite easy to build. As a mode of transportation, they could transport a much larger number of people. They were also referred to as airships or zeppelins. They seemed very promising in the early 20th century. However, a number of disasters concerning these gigantic flying balloons and innovations in the aviation have taken the spotlight away from the zeppelin. The airship has been reduced from the preferred means of transportation to novelty performances, stadiums, and promotional events.

Get Ready To Learn About Blimps & The Engineering Behind Them

If you have always felt fascinated by the blimps and have been curious about how they work, you are in luck. Concerning Reality, a YouTube channel, has broken down how the blimps work in the latest video. The video is about six minutes long and breaks down the technology that enables the zeppelins to navigate the clouds so effortlessly. The blimps are a type of LTA (lighter than air) similar to hot air balloons. However, they can hover like helicopters and are able to travel even in harsh weather conditions. They are also able to fly for days! Check out the video below and let us know what you think of it!


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